sábado, 31 de enero de 2015

Keep Calm, it's Saturday!

Saturday evening, you should be with your partner and friends instead of messing around my blog. In case you prefer studying English, you should visit this pages. Just for laughing.

Lost in translation: Las traducciones más descabelladas del inglés al español.

Palabras sin traducción y otras rarezas lingüísticas.

jueves, 29 de enero de 2015

That's English Homework

Group 1B-C (A1)
  • Deadline: 10/02/15
  • No homework. Revise for the exam and good luck!

Group 2A-E (A2)
  • Deadline: 06/02/15
  • Composition: What (ideas, events, religions, people, ... can change the world?
  • Monologue: Traditions: Are they good or bad?

Group 3A-E (B1)
  • Deadline: 06/02/15
  • Composition: Write a letter to a newspaper about inmigation.
  • Monologue: Do we need social classes?

miércoles, 28 de enero de 2015

To all of my English students!

Ok, it's done. I have began a new project. A blog for all of my students, both at IES Alfaguara and those at That's English!
All materials, homework, links and any thing we need will be uploaded here.
Don't forget I am still at my mail: franciscoramirez@thatsenglish.com.
See you soon.